Listen To A $9,000 Real Time Receptionist Call

Our Virtual Receptionist Alison takes an after hours call for one of our clients that they normally would have missed and lost to a competitor. This simple call turned into a huge high value customer for our client.

Don’t let voicemail lose you another high paying customer, call us today and learn how you can start making more money with a Virtual Receptionist.


Our setup process is very easy and only takes a few minutes to get going. Our Live Receptionists will be up and running in no time and handling your calls with excellent customer care, as if they are right in your office.

Step #1

Fill out our quick and easy on-boarding form, and we Program you in our System

Step #2

Your Account is Activated and Our Receptionists Start Answering Your Calls

Step #3

Our Receptionists Qualify Your Calls and Find out their Buying Motive

Step #4

We Take Down all of the Important Call Information

Step #5

We Pass the Information on to you, and you Have a New Paying Customer


Calls Qualified For Our Clients


New Customer Converted For Our Clients


in Revenue Generated For Our Clients

What is Your Cost Per Missed Call?

Learn how much more money you could be making with a Virtual Receptionist program.

Attorney Example

An Attorney who bills 2200 hours a year but is not using a Virtual Receptionist to handle after hours calls, early morning calls, calls when they are in court, or any other missed call, is leaving a great deal of money on the table






of cases are referrals






Referrals Lost Due to Missed calls

Your Business

Enter your average Transaction



per transaction



per year








Creating a loyal, returning customer

  • 24/7 Live Receptionists
  • Never Miss Out on New Business Again
  • Convert Callers to Paying Customers
  • American Agents
  • Custom Call Handling
  • No More Spam Calls
  • Prices Starting at $229

Our live receptionists answer your calls, any hours that you desire!

We handle the calls how you want with a smile, and then take down all the important details and send them right to you. We turn new callers in to paying customers, and current clients in to loyal repeat business.

Try Out a Receptionist Now!

Remote Receptionist


4 Years of Service

Remote Receptionist


2 Years of Service

How Can a Virtual Receptionist Increase Your Revenue?

Law Firm Example

Let’s examine how a Live Answering Service can assist in growing a Law Firm with new clients, as well as retaining current clients for the long term.

Brand Awareness

Ron has been injured on the job, and needs to hire a work injury law firm. He searches for “work injury lawyer” online, and finds Johnson Law Firm, and calls the number on their website. This is a big opportunity for Johnson Law Firm to make a great first impression. The Virtual Receptionist handles the call with perfect customer care and builds value in the Law Firm. Ron is relieved to have found someone who can help him, and the firm has secured a strong lead.

Vital Information

Ron has a few questions about his position. The virtual receptionist tells him about what the Law Firm specializes in, when he can set up a meeting, where the firm is located, and the cost of her initial consultation (but does not offer legal advice).

Competitive Edge

Having spoken to a live person on the phone right away, Ron is unlikely to shop around for competing law firms. He no longer has to spend countless hours playing phone tag, and can get on with his life without calling one of your competitors.

Client Conversion

Ron would like to set up an initial consultation. Our virtual receptionist will coordinate with the law firm to set up the appointment. The appointment is verified by the firm, and the firm bills the client.

Long Term Sustainability

As Ron goes through the legal proceedings with the law firm, he may reach out for status updates or to give the firm more information about the case. Each time, he knows a receptionist will pick up the call, will be there to help him out every step of the way.

This entire process allows the Law Firm to focus on servicing their clients, and not spending time playing phone tag. They have more time for cases and thus increase the amount they can bill in a given month. This all added up to an increase in monthly revenue for the firm.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with a 24/7 Live Receptionist

At Real Time Receptionist, we have highly trained virtual assistants, with excellent skills in customer service and lead generation, help you expand your business without the huge costs of a traditional receptionist. Answering phone calls is our expertise, and we pride ourselves on increasing your productivity, and more importantly, your profit margins. Sign up now for as little as $229 a month, and see the amazing benefits of a 24/7 Live Answering Service.

How it Works

Getting started is as easy as filling out a simple form, and telling us how you would like to receive your messages. After you sign up, we go over:

  • Customize how you want our receptionist to greet your callers.
  • Set up your call script and call handling instructions.
  • Instruct how you want to receive your messages, or get a live transfer.
  • Set up your call forwarding phone number.
  • Forward your calls to your new 24/7 Live Receptionist!

It’s that easy! You can easily turn your receptionist on and off right from your phone. You can also forward calls from any of your phones to your new receptionist! While you focus on growing your business and living your life, we answer, qualify, and organize all of your calls!

Our Core Values

A Smile in Every Call

Our receptionists are all trained to handle calls with a smile in their voice and an energy that exudes happiness. This is a proven, time tested method, to turn callers in to long term loyal customers!

Business Growth

We strive to maximize your business growth by providing an excellent customer experience at a cost that ensures you get a massive return on investment. Our goal is to make sure your current clients remain loyal customers, and your new callers convert in to happy customers.

Incredible Customer Experience

Every single caller is greeted happily and professionally, no matter what the purpose of their call is. We pride ourselves on providing callers a customer experience that is so professional and enticing, that your business instantly becomes an important part of their lives.

Return on Investment

We make sure that every single one of our clients gets massive value out of our service. We provide competitive rates that can scale or contract based on usage, and we have some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. That coupled with our ability to turn callers in to clients, is how we provide you with huge returns on your minimal investment.